Hey there!

I'm Krystal, the girl behind the lens! I’ve been pursuing photography for the past 12 years and ventured into many different avenues of the photography world before I fell in love with weddings! I have 4 super spoiled fur babies - Sadie, Frida, Sulla + Stevie. They all have very distinct personalities and make my life so much more fun. In my down time i'm spending time with them and my amazing partner Will - my favorite nerd. I'm big into true crime and spend a lot of time listening to podcast after podcast (Shoutout to my fave Morbid!). I'm also a huge history and art history nerd so if you have any documentary or podcast suggestions send them my way! Other interests are Tarot, Resin Art (have my own etsy shop GreenWitchResin), Marvel movies, Harry Potter (Where are my fellow Slytherins?!) and traveling!

Photo Credit: Flower Mouth Photography