The Wedding Coordinator

If you’re having a wedding of more than 50 people, consider hiring a planner or at least a day-of coordinator that is not related to the wedding in any way (not also a guest or friend). He/she will be able to curb all questions and concerns so you can spend time “floating” through your wedding day and not trying to figure out how you ended up six place- settings short or how the DJ needs an extension cord or who should be getting ice for the white wine to start chilling. While friends/guests seem like a great idea, they too like to mingle, have a few drinks and enjoy themselves. Having a dedicated person whose job it is to help make your day run smoothly not only saves your sanity, but it makes my job easier so I won’t have to be the one running around trying to figure out when guests will be seated for dinner so I can set up my lighting.

Unplugged Weddings

Consider asking guests to put away their cell phones, iPads, cameras and electronics during the ceremony. I’ve had so many almost-amazing moments ruined by large iPads or iPhones being held up in the aisle way. Without all those distractions, your guests will be able to focus solely on the two of you, and the reason they’re there. Instagram can wait.

Starting Your Day

Your wedding day can be a hectic one — consider starting your day with a dedicated breakfast/time with your spouse or completely alone. .

Hair and Makeup

Don’t rush this. Take a second to enjoy the pre-wedding just as much as the wedding itself. Pop open some champagne and sit back and enjoy being pampered. You’re going to be on the move the rest of the day

Snacks and Water

I can’t stress this enough, make sure you have water available and plenty of snacks. Many of my brides in the past have forgotten to eat because of the hectic schedule. This is why I always carry a granola bar or two, just in case.

Write Out Your Vows Prior To Your Wedding Day

The last thing you want to be doing is stressing over what to say to your partner. It’s hard to get everything out the way you’d like to when you’re balancing a wedding, hair, makeup and guests.


Outdoor wedding? Make sure to have a plan B in case weather takes a turn. Texas weather can be unpredicta ble.

Set Aside Alone Time

I think this is the most important. Make sure to set some alone time for you and your new spouse to have a breather together. Maybe plan a solo drink after the ceremony.

And most importantly.... Every once in a while, STOP and look around. Take a mental snap shot of what is going on. Breathe in, breathe out. You’re getting married!