I'm all about the memories and one big factor to pair with your wedding day photos is a signature scent. Fragrance is a major memory trigger, which is why I recommend choosing a signature scent on your wedding day. So anytime you wear that scent in the future you'll be transported back to your big day. One way to choose a signature scent is to base it on the overall theme of your wedding or your wedding venue.

Take a trip to Sephora or even try a monthly subscription like scentbird to narrow down which fragrance not only smells great but works well on you. There's no way to accurately judge a scent by the bottle, so you'll need to try new fragrances on your skin. You'll wan to wear it for a few minutes and let your body heat and oils manipulate the formula, so you can get an accurate representation of how it smells on your skin. Once your perfume has sunk in, have your soon-to-be spouse take a whiff and give you their opinion. You don't want to wear a perfume that makes them sneeze or even get a headache since some are very sensitive to some scents.

I'm huge into fragrance so here are my top 3 at the moment :

fragrances based on your venue type

Garden Wedding


A combination of floral powdery notes: hints of peony, lychee, and springtime freesia. The airy, flirtatious head notes drift away to reveal the richer and more sensual side of the rose.

Historic Venue

Versace - Bright Crystal Absolu

A timeless bride like you would love this fragrance. A light and gentle fragrance with vivid pomegranate and peony notes.

Modern Indoor Venue

Rebecca Minkoff

My personal favorite - A modernized tobacco accord featuring fiercely feminine accents of jasmine and coriander to deliver sensuality, warmth and a magnetic aura.

not sure where to start? visit www.scentbird.com to create a scent profile. they'll breakdown which fragrances will suit you best with a fragrance personality quiz.