My hope is that working with me is consistently three things:


Every couple is different, so instead of just focusing on checking off

boxes of “must have” pinterest wedding shots, I want to make sure I capture the REAL LOVE stuff. The unique memories that mean the most to the both of you.

I like to take time to get to know each of my clients needs & wants and things that I may not know about your wedding day. From the time we have our first call to the time I am delivering your images, I want you to feel comfortable chatting with me about different things throughout the wedding planning process.


I make sure that the way I’m interacting, shooting and editing is reflective of who my couples are. I want to make sure I'm showcasing the colors and details you worked hard on pulling together in your gallery. I aim to stay true to the colors you've chosen while giving them a little boost and romantic mood. No orange or muted colors here - Let's make your images pop!


Props, extremely staged moments, and “epic” lighting can feel fabricated and take away from the actual authenticity of the day, so I encourage couples to focus on what’s most important - Eachother. My couples tend to be on the “non traditional” side so I love to document all the quirks that make each couple unique!

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