The factors that contribute to me getting good photos are also the ones that contribute to a more relaxed day for everyone. Here’s what I’ve learned we need:

  • A clutter-free space - Have one corner / section of the suite sectioned off for everyones bags. This will help keep the rest of the area clear for photos. You don't want beautiful images of you and your bridesmaids ruined with 5 Victoria secrets totes in the background lol

  • Good natural light and lots of it!  TIP: A big window is ideal when taking portraits of people getting their makeup done. (The makeup artist will love the extra light, and you'll have an idea of what your makeup will look like in natural light too!)

  • A space with an interior style that suits your own. If at home, don’t forget to get rid of all of the day-to-day clutter like electric fans or socks or dog beds. Fill the space with flowers, your favourite things, and just a couple of your favourite people.

  • Enough time (at least one hour for each partner, but longer if you’re rolling with a big crew). I’ll be sure to show up right as the finishing touches are being placed, then head on over to your fiance to spend some time with them too.TIP: A great way to maximise my time is to put all of the things aside that I need for the detail shots. The ring, the shoes, the cuff links, the love letters - put it all aside so I can arrange them and swap through quickly.

  • While each of you are getting ready, chances are you’ll be filled with nerves. As you won’t have each other for comfort in these moments, consider writing a love letter for your fiance to read before the ceremony. It’ll be a nice little keepsake, make for some incredibly emotion-filled images before the ceremony, and help build the excitement in the leadup to the ‘I-do’s’.